Brilliant Minnelli Performance Seems a Song for Our Time


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It was back in another century and another world when I first became aware of a rising talent named LIZA MINNELLI. It was a simpler time in America and the world, and the coming nightmares of September 11th and the current pandemic were inconceivable. I first became aware of this gifted rising star in 1964 when my theater-loving sister, Sally, raved after seeing young Minnelli’s performance in the musical CARNIVAL at New York’s Yonkers Playhouse. Sally was completely charmed by Liza when she had the unexpected opportunity to meet the radiant young performer that very evening, as the two happened to dine in the same restaurant after the show.

As the years went by, Sally and I would have the pleasure of seeing the gifted musical actress co-star with Elliot Gould in THE FANTASTICKS at the Westport Country Playhouse, then on Broadway during Minnelli’s five-week stint in the show, CHICAGO (while standing in for that show’s star, Gwen Verdon), and again when she starred in another Broadway show called, THE ACT. We even had a later opportunity to meet Liza after enjoying one of her splendid concerts in a huge Atlantic City showroom. A security guard was kind enough to allow us to greet her after the performance as she glided out of her dressing room with her adorable little dog as escort. I was introduced, and Liza and Sally enjoyed reminiscing a bit about those early days in the musical, CARNIVAL.

Speaking of her concerts brings me to the point of my story on this Presidential Election Eve 2020, here in a very tense America ravaged by the Covid-19 virus. National divisions seem to have many feeling that “the wheels are coming off our wagon” here in America. But I recently came across a Minnelli concert performance that may have a message for us as we ponder our place in the long history of our beloved nation. The song reminds us all that we may have our ups and downs, “But the World Goes ‘Round.” The performance I share at the link below was recorded in Japan as part of the legendary 27-city, 1989 ULTIMATE EVENT World Tour, which co-starred Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Miss Minnelli. It was a time, in the opinion of this critic, when Liza was at the absolute peak of her powers. She was beautiful in a shimmering, light and airy pink dress, just short enough to accent her attractive slim legs as she moved gracefully about the stage while offering an unforgettable vocal performance exemplifying pure perfection. I hope you readers enjoy it as much as I do:

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