Backing a Winner with DLP’s “Guys & Dolls”

[Only rarely, when I am “stuck” out-of-town and missing an important production in The Woodlands, do I ever allow one of my readers to “take over” my column in my absence. But the message below, which I just received here in New York from a trusted friend in Texas, seems to justify some well-earned publicity for the fastest growing musical theatre company in Montgomery County: DLP Productions, founded by Deanna L. Peden, Director. Here then, is the report of longtime Woodlands resident, Jack Miller, describing the pleasant experience he and his wife, “Jo,” enjoyed when attending last weekend’s DLP production of “Guys & Dolls.” —– D.D. Bentley III ]

Dear Friend of DLP Productions:

“Guys & Dolls” was fun! I found myself smiling after several numbers. All the principals in the cast had good voices and acting ability. The use of the show’s characters to make the pre-show and intermission announcements was very clever, plus they stayed in character and were provided with good lines. Beyond that, I will not attempt a review. NO adverse criticism. Just a great show! It surpassed the Class Act productions, which we consider to be the best in the area.

I don’t recall ever seeing the stage production before. Jo recalled the movie. Presumably, the show was playing while I was living in NYC. It may be that I have forgotten. I know I went to several shows, but “The King and I” is the only one I remember.

I hope that DLP continues to use the Nancy Bock Performing Arts Center for their productions. It is a very pleasant theater. Its only defect is the lack of an orchestra pit. But that can easily be overcome when choosing the seating.

And, speaking of seating, I was very pleased to be able to choose our seats. I at first went online to order tickets, but then I recalled that a phone number had been provided to obtain tickets at a discount to seniors. So, I called it. A very pleasant young (or so she sounded) woman answered and told me that the senior discount was 25% off the regular price and there was no service fee. What a deal!! And I could still choose the seats. This doll was great. She was congenial, asked a couple of questions and asked how they could interest more seniors in attending. DLP needs to keep her.

One more comment on the show. I ordered tickets on the Friday preceding the Friday we attended. I was surprised at the extent of good seats that were available. Our seats were in Section A (right, looking at the stage), Row J, Seats 2 and 4 (aisle). My ideal is Row F. I thought that this performance was not going to be well attended. In fact, it was not a full house but it was a good house.

Friend of DLP, you are backing a winner. At least, I hope so. We will go to more of these shows.

Best Regards,

Jack Miller

DLP is now planning for a production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “H.M.S. Pinafore.” For information, or to arrange an audition (ages 12 – adult), call 281-298-7956, or visit the website at

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