The Lambs Welcome American Theatre Critics Conference Conferees

With the recent January blizzard just a passing memory, it was unusually mild winter weather for the first weekend in February. Here in the Big Apple, the American Theatre Critics Association held its 2005 conference. ATCA member, Sherry Eaker, Editor-in-Chief of Back Stage, chaired the conference with able assistance from ATCA Executive Committee Chair, Rick Pender. The conference featured “Inside the Legendary Showbiz Clubs,” with visits to the Friars, the Players, and The Lambs. The Lambs was the only club to which the conference devoted two visits during their brief three-day program.

On Friday, February 4th, The Lambs invited ATCA members for evening cocktails and the ever-popular Low-Jinks entertainment, featuring the usual (or unusual) impromptu performances of members. Peter Dizozza bravely emceed the proceedings without regard to the sore throat fate had sent his way. The special guests enjoyed mingling with Lambs, and the fun continued right up until closing time.

On Sunday February 6th, the group returned at high noon for yet another Lambs’ special event. There were warm welcoming remarks from Shepherd, Bruce Brown and Recording Secretary, Randy Phillips. Then our knowledgeable club Historian, Lewis Hardee, gave a talk on the Lambs’ history sprinkled generously with good humor, wonderful anecdotes, and fascinating information. One could only wish the presentation had been video taped for posterity. The visitors then toured the extensive Lambs collection of theatre memorabilia and artwork. It was an illuminating afternoon for all.

Following the informative session, the Club invited the visitors to the Pub Room for a wine & cheese reception that offered the perfect opportunity to continue discussions of all things theatrical. It was a fitting conclusion to a very memorable weekend at The Lambs.

About The People's Critic

David Dow Bentley III, writes columns about the performing arts which are featured in newspapers from the East Coast to the Gulf Coast. A member of the American Theatre Critics Association (ATCA), The International Theatre Critics Association, and America's oldest theatrical club, The Lambs, he also had long service as the editor of The Lambs' Script magazine. Mr. Bentley may be contacted via e-mail at
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