TWHS Actor Lance Kramer Will Present a Drama Workshop

In June of 2001 The Woodlands High School Theatre Department named graduating senior, Lance Kramer, as Drama Student of the Year. Kramer, who captured 11 acting awards at UIL one-act play contests (including Best Actor at the state contest) has not disappointed the great expectations of TWHS lead theater teacher, Sandra Erlandson.

Erlandson has been quoted citing Kramer as, “the best actor I have ever worked with in my many years of teaching theater at TWHS. He has won more awards and honors than any other theatre student in the history of TWHS. But he won the Student of the Year because of his ensemble work, his leadership, his initiative and his mentoring of younger students. Lance is a true team player.”

Accepted in 2001 to the prestigious North Carolina school of the Arts, Kramer is continuing his studies there in what is considered to be one of the best theater training programs in the nation.

Now he is ready to share what he has learned with his neighbors in The Woodlands. The highly anticipated Summer Theatre Workshop will be offered twice June 23-27 and again July 7-11. Joining Kramer to present the action packed five-day workshop will be two other alumni of TWHS, Brandon Kahn and F.B. Kern, both current students at North Carolina School of the Arts. The workshop will offer training and experience for actors, for technicians, for teachers and for children.

Each workshop is broken into two groups — Acting and Technical Theatre. Both workshops are open to high school students and adults. They will give drama teachers and directors new and innovative ideas to help their productions soar, while actors will gain a deeper understanding of professional acting training, and how to use it in performance. The sessions will provide a chance for participants to learn some of the skills taught at the conservatory level!

In addition, by special request, there will be a Children’s Theatre Workshop June 9-13 for youngsters age 7-14.

For further information call (281) 639-8845, visit the Web site,, or write Summer Theatre Workshop, 110 S.Marshall St. #3, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27101.

(The Villager   5.1.03)

(The Courier    5.11.03)

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