Dining Excellence At Amerigo’s Grille

With its consistent quality, exceptional menu and prominent clientele, Amerigo’s Grille is a superb restaurant ready for rediscovery. As an ever-growing population brings more and more sophisticated diners to The Woodlands, newcomers are quickly learning what longtime residents and business interests have known for years. Amerigo’s is THE PLACE for dependable, upscale dining and entertaining!

In a recent interview with justifiably proud owner, Casey Kosh, we learn it is not by accident that while others establishments have come and gone, his charming, gourmet restaurant has stood the test of time for nearly a decade. If you have ever wondered how the finest restaurants achieve excellence, Mr. Kosh is just the man to explain the details.

“To begin,” says Kosh, “you must obtain and retain the very best staff. Our captains, waiters and waitresses are outstanding. They are always ready to accommodate, but never intrusive. Some have been with us for years. They are recognized and respected by our many regular customers for the skill and dependability that always characterizes service at Amerigo’s. All of this is under the able direction of our fine General Manager, George Schlesinger.”

“Our chef is an artist in every sense of the word. In addition to designing the wide variety of gourmet delicacies on our continental menu, he commands a kitchen where more than a dozen culinary specialists work their magic. They attend to such tasks as baking fresh breads and pastries, grilling entrees, preparing sauces, salads, and pastas, cooking fresh vegetables, and assembling meal presentations that are as exquisite to look at as they are to taste. Each of our 15 wonderful dessert selections is suitable for framing! We make menu adjustments every four or five months, but no drastic changes. Our customers appreciate consistency, and we do our best to accommodate any special requests they may have.”

Kosh continues, “What people end up with on their table is not an accident.” He elaborates that quality of food selection is key to the excellence he seeks. “We do no long- term food storage. Everything is fresh daily — six day a week! Our meats come to us from the finest farms and ranches in the country. We buy the premium cuts of the finest aged meats. If an item, like the Wild Boar we feature on our menu, is not first quality, we will not accept less. We check conditions and temperatures on delivery trucks for all our meats, seafood, and fresh, seasonal produce. We even visit vendor sites, such as our butchers and seafood distributors, to assure quality handling. With an eye toward water purity, we obtain the freshest seafood from such locations as the deep-water fisheries of Alaska and Canada. We feature sea bass, salmon, scallops, shrimp, muscles and much more. Our wines are given the same careful attention in their selection from such areas as the Napa Valley. Again, we inspect wine delivery trucks for proper handling and temperatures. These are the kinds of details that chain restaurants often overlook.”

“With our quality and experience as a base, we are especially proud of our relationships with the corporate and business community. Our spacious second floor can accommodate both private and business gatherings. Business clients appreciate having a secure environment where there will be no service embarrassments. During the recent Shell Houston Open Golf Tournament, for example, we served dinner to nearly 200 guests at three simultaneous parties in various areas of the restaurant. Schedules were tight so that tournament participants could be out promptly, and up early the next day. I’m proud to say everything went perfectly, and there was not one mistake!”

“I think our customers also appreciate the ambiance and architectural design of our restaurant. We place great emphasis on carefully selected artwork and décor. Outdoor diners can enjoy our beautifully landscaped garden patio, surrounded by fountains and flowers. And those who prefer to dine inside can also enjoy the garden through our wall of windows.”

“For those who just want to get together for cocktails, we have a beautiful downstairs bar just inside our entrance. There we proudly display our Zagat Survey credentials. For entertainment, our lovely second floor bar features an adjoining lounge where pianist and vocalist, Daniel Blanchard, presides on the keyboard Wednesday through Saturday from 7 p.m. ’til closing. It’s a perfect spot for after dinner drinks and has become a popular local ‘watering hole.’ Don’t be surprised to see starry-eyed couples dancing to romantic music beside the piano.”

Kosh is also sensitive to community service needs in the area. A recent Wine Auction raised 40-50 thousand dollars for charity. When considering all of the restaurant details Kosh provided, one message rang out above the rest: “Our restaurant is a team effort. I am just one part of the team. It doesn’t matter whether they are washing dishes or cooking over a hot grill. My employees are working very hard. I try to treat them like I would like to be treated. I don’t make staff cuts in the slow season. Even in the months that followed September 11th, I did not cut staff.

It seems as though Kosh, who speaks with great affection of his wife and two children, is a family man in more ways than one. Amerigo’s is living proof of his success.


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